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    The Team:
  • We grew from 37 to 51 members

  • Previous events
  • Finger Lakes Regional:
    March 9th. to March 12th.
  • Buckeye Regional:
    March 23rd. to March 26th.

  • Upcoming events
  • X-Cats 30th Anniversary Gala:
    May 24th.
  • X-Cats Picnic:
    June 4th.
  • Wilson Graduation:
    June 25th.
  • Wilson Foundation Academy Graduation:
    someday in June more info coming soon
  • Rah Cha Cha Ruckus:
    October 29th.


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100% of your donation is used for the expenses of building the robot and running the team. Our mentors are volunteers who give hundreds of hours each year to make the magic happen.

X-Cats Team 191 Rochester, NY

FIRST Robotics Team 191

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Robot Build Location: 655 Colfax St, Rochester,NY 14606

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School Location: 501 Genesee St, Rochester, NY 14611

Who is Team 191?

Team 191, the X-Cats, is a robotics team started in 1992, by drawing upon the brightest minds from Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School. The X-Cats have produced a steady stream of high quality robots and successful young adults since the beginning. We are one of the few remaining founding teams left.

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

2022 Seniors in Cleveland Class of 2022

Hamdi Hamdi has been on the team for 3 years and plans to study computer science. She is on the mechanical sub team and is the captain this year.

Ismail has been on the team for four years and he plans to study nursing. He is a member of the mechanical sub team.

Rita has been on the team for 3 years and plans on going to college to study biomedical engineering. She was on the mechanical sub team in 10th grade and again in 12th grade.

General has been on the team for 3 years and plans to study game development. He is on the app subteam this year.

Hanaan Hanaan has been on the team for three years and she plans on studying sports medicine. This year she was working on building the field.

Douglas Has been on the team for 3 years and he plans to go to SUNY Brockport to study Meteorology. He's on CAD and is a Scout Master.

Masengesho Masengesho has been on the team for three years and she plans on studying biology.This year she is on the electrical subteam.

Maxwell Has been on the team for four years, and plans on studying exercise science, He is on the CAD subteam and is the Coach

We wish to congratulate all of our 2022 Wilson graduates.
Go X-Cats!

Quick Links:

X-Cats on Facebook | Finger Lakes Regional | FIRST information

FIRST Robotics Competition | Chief Delphi

Contact us at:
xcatsteam191@gmail.com or communications@xcats.org

Vision & Mission

FIRST Vision:
"To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes"
~ Dean Kamen, Founder

FIRST Mission:
Our mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

X-Cats Mission:
The Xerox Wilson FIRST Partnership is in support of the FIRST mission to inspire today's youth without regard to race, sex or national origin; and to create a demand among them to excel in science and technology. We are a "back to basics" team. The inspiration of the student participants on our team is our number one priority. We are building interested, intelligent members of society who get involved and participate. We are building people as much as robots. We will actively recruit students who need and want support in planning for their futures. We will strive to have the team of adults and students reflect the ethnic and gender diversity within Xerox and the Rochester City School District

Our X-Cats family member is in need of help:
Our former X-Cats' coach, Philip Kruse, is in need of help. He was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) - an autoimmune liver condition - and needs a living donor with blood types A+, A-, O+ or O- for a transplant.

Find out more about Phil!

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X-Cats Team 191

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  • 2018 Picnic - 5

  • 2018 Picnic

  • 2018 Picnic

  • 2018 bowling - 3

  • 2018 bowling - 3

  • 2018 Bureau Cats - 1

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  • 2018 FoodLink - 3

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  • 2018 maker faire

  • 2018 PRE SEASON - 2

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  • 2018 PRE SEASON - 4

  • 2018 ST Anns -1

  • 2018 2018 ST Anns -2

  • 2018 ToysForTots -1

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  • 2018 ToysForTots -3

  • 2018 ToysForTots -4

  • 2018 Genessee market -1

  • 2018 Genessee market -2

  • 2018 Genessee market -3

  • 2018 Central NY Regional -4

  • 2017 Finger Lakes Regional

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